Myocil Oil

Myocil Liniment Massage oil enhances the muscle movement, helps in maintaining muscle structure and reducing muscle stiffness. Joint pain can occur at any age. To get rid of the debilitating pain, you can apply Myocil Liniment Massage Oil to the affected joints, for relief.

The powerful ancient combination of herbs of NARAYAN TAIL, VISHGARBHA TAIL, GANDHPURNA TAIL, DEODAR TAIL, EUCALYPTUS TAIL, KAPOOR TAIL reduces the Joint inflammation associated with arthritis could be reduced by daily application. External application of the oil enables the joint tissues to absorb the anti-inflammatory ingredients rapidly. MyocilOil could be used for treating a wide range of pains.

It is recommended for treating:
♦ Helps to treat Backache, hip pain, muscle sprains, Shoulder Pain, Knee Pain, Neck Pain.
♦ Helps to reduce joint pains.
♦ Helps to reduce joint stiffness and eases joint movement.
♦ Beneficial for people with chronic inflammatory joint conditions such as rheumatoid
    arthritis, cervical spondylosis and Sciatica.

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Suranjantil Capsule

Suranjantil Capsules a unique herbal formulation, made with herbs with proven anti-arthritic properties that can help to decrease swelling in the joints, reduce pain and improve mobility.

Acute and chronic joint inflammation and pain might nearly immobilize you, adversely affecting the quality of your life. The remarkable Suranjantil Capsules are helpful in maintaing the health of thousands of people suffering from the discomfort, acute & chronic pain due to Arthritis, Chronic Rheumatic troubles, Sciatica, and Pain in Joints.

Benefits of SURANJANTIL Capsules

♦ Helpful for people suffering from acute and chronic rheumatic troubles
♦ Helpful to cure from inflammatory joint disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis,
    osteoarthritis, gouty arthritis and spondylitis.
♦ Helps to treat joint swelling.
♦ Maintains the musculoskeletal system.
♦ Helps to decrease joint stiffness.

Treating arthritis naturally

To prevent further joint destruction and to improve flexibility of the affected joints, you should exercise daily. Range-of-motion exercises are most suitable for arthritis patients. Yoga poses might ease movement and reduce stress. The muscles in the joints could be strengthened with the help of resistance workouts. Moderate to low intensity aerobic exercises such as walking, and water aerobics are beneficial for the joints.

Self-massage works best for localized trouble spots that are easily accessible our MYOCIL liniment massage oil will help to cure the pain.

Shallaki Capsule

Boswelliaserrata is a powerful anti-inflammatory herb. Shallaki, thi natural supplement, could improve your muscular-skeleton problems naturally.

♦ Helps to reduce joint stiffness and improves joint mobility.
♦ Suitable for treating chronic inflammatory joint conditions such as osteoarthritis
     and rheumatoid arthritis.
♦ Helps to treat backache, joint pain and inflammation owing to injuries.
♦ Helps to decrease joint pain.
♦ Helps to reduce swelling in the joints.
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