Gudmar Tablet

The name "Gudmar" means "destroyer of sugar". It blocks the ability to taste "Sweetness" andalso reduces sugar cravings. It assists the pancreas in the production of insulinto lower blood sugar in both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. It decreases cravings for sweet.

Gudmar has a magnitude of health benefits. Some of the benefits are stated below:

♦ Gudmar regulates the blood sugar level..
♦ Gudmar is also used to regulate the systolic blood pressure.
♦ Gudmar has the ability to induce a sense of satiation in the body and this helps to
    cure high cholesterol levels.
♦ Gudmar acts as a cleanser for the bowels and helps to cure constipation.
♦ Gudmar also purifies the blood and helps to control anemia.
♦ Gudmar has a natural sweet taste and it helps the diabetic patients to control their
    craving for sugar.
♦ Gudmar is also said to reduce hunger pangs and thus help in the process of weight loss.
    Hence it is very useful for patients suffering from obesity

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