Insomin Syrup and Insominavlah (Brain Tonic)

INSOMIN is a noble herbal formulation that has blended these time-honored memory-enhancing herbs, which can enhance memory and reduce stress. Poor memory might occur due to poor concentration, stress and in the worse case from degeneration of brain cells, A Power pack combination of memory booster herbs like BRAHMI, ASHWAGANDHA, SHANKPUSHPI, VACHA, JATAMANSI, which guards against stress, depression and improves learning ability in a natural way.

♦ Helps to improve memory.
♦ Helps to reduce stress, anxiety and depression.
♦ Fight against nutritional deficiencies.
♦ Helps to improve learning skill, memory retention and motor function.
♦ Helps to prevent cognitive impairment and age-related dementia.

How to prevent memory loss and improve memory naturally

♦ To function properly, your brain needs unhindered supply of oxygenated blood. Exercises
    help to boost the oxygen supply to your entire body, including the brain.
♦ You also need enough sleep to sustain the proper functioning of the brain. A sleep-deprived person tends to suffer from
    memory problems.
♦ Consume enough fresh fruits and vegetables.

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