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Neem Face Wash

Lorven Herbal’s Neem Face Wash gives natural refreshing clear look with its antibacterial properties of neem which clears acne by controlling excess oil produced by our skin.

Some of the key benefits of using Lorven Herbal’s Neem Face wash-
♦ Lorven Herbals Neem Face Wash is enriched with herbal repair formula with Neem and Tea Tree which effectively removes dirt, makeup and other impurities helping to promote a clear SPOT-FREE complexion.
♦ Turmeric is renowned for its therapeutic effect on skin disorder and anti-bacterial action.

Exfoliating Apricot Scrub

Lorven Herbal’s Exfoliating Facial Apricot Scrub is formulated with natural Apricot Oil & Powder , it superfine granules tenderly removes dead skin cell & other impurities and Natural Vitamin-E moisturize the skin to give a softer clear and healthier look.

Some of the Key Active Ingredients of Lorven Herbal’s Exfoliating Facial Apricot Scrub are-
♦ Apricot.
♦ Almond.
♦ Wheat Germ Oil.
♦ Aloe vera.
♦ Calendula.
♦ Honey.

Lorven Herbals Neem Shampoo

Lorven Herbals Neem Shampoo is our breakthrough formulation that tackles the root cause of dandruff, while being gentle on your scalp and hair. Time-tested ingredients like Neem and Lemon visibly reduce flakes, itching, hair fall and prevent the recurrence of dandruff. Amla and Aloe Vera provides volume and bounce to lifeless, dull hair. The shampoo is specially designed & formulated by using quality key ingredients on automated technologically advanced processing machine to give best to our valuable consumers.

Lorven Herbals Shampoo Conditioner

Lorven Herbals Shampoo Conditioner provides your hair three vital benefits needed to maintain healthy, nourished hair — strength, reduced hair fall and protection from everyday damage. It gently cleanses and provides hair with its daily dose of proteins. It also keeps your hair soft, smooth and healthy. This mild formulation is ideal for those who lead an active life, requiring frequent shampooing.

Some of the Active Ingredients of Lorven Herbal Shampoo Conditioner are-

♦ Arnica
♦ Coconut Oil
♦ Jojoba Oil
♦ Almond Oil
♦ Wheat Germ Oil
♦ Bhringraj

All the Active ingredient provide full volume bounce and leave your hair with that all day lasting shining look.

Lorven Herbal Body Lotion

Lorven Herbal Body Lotion keeps your skin soft, supple and protects it from infection. It Natural derived Active ingredients combines to gently moisturize delicate skin, leaving it soft all day long. The revitalizing action of Lorven Herbal Body Lotion is enriched with rose, almond, honey, aloe vera and apricot oil which ensure optimal Hydration. It’s Spreads very easily and gets absorbed in the body to soften the skin.

Key Benefits of Using Lorven Herbal Body Lotion-

♦ Specially Designed with NON-GREECY FORMULATION.
♦ Enriched with Natural Vitamin-E, leaves your skin feeling resilient & restores softness & vibrate texture.

Lorven Herbals Hair Oil

As a GMP certified (Good Manufacturing practices) company, we are engaged in offering best premium quality products. Lorven Herbal Oil that we have formulated is free from any chemicals and contain only natural enriched oils and extracts of Amla, Bhringraj, Shikkai, Methi etc.

Lorven Herbals Hair Oil prevents dandruff by eliminating microbial infections of the scalp and nourishes the scalp with its Natural Active Ingredients.

Lorven Herbals Facial Kits & Professional Range

Lorven Herbals Facial Kits Purifies, brightens and polishes your skin by reducing wrinkles. Specially Derived Premium Quality Herbal Active Ingredients in the facial detoxifies & helps build skin immunity to fight against pollution, while leaving it youthful and glowing. Special Action of Lorven Herbals Facial Kit nourishes, lightens and rejuvenates the skin preparing you for that long lasted awaited Parties and functions.

Lorven Herbals Facial Kit Contains

Cleanser               - Removes Impurity
Scrub                    - Removes & Exfoliate dead skin cell
Gel                        - Nourish it, Tones it and smoothen the skin
Massage Cream    - Rejuvanuate increase blood circulation giving a beautiful Glow
Face Pack             - Redefine Skin Complexion

Lorven Herbals Soap

Strong, succulent, scented, fresh, keeps you feeling on top of the world all through the day, effectively keeps away body odor and perspiration irrespective of the heat and humidity, leaves you fresh and energetic and smelling like a dream. The Herbal Homemade soap which are made of natural herbal extracts and essential oils which gives total freshness to you and your surrounding like a sauna.

Some of Special Soaps are-

♦ Neem
♦ Rose
♦ Turmeric
♦ Aloe vera
♦ Lavender
♦ Lemon
♦ Orange
♦ Honey Glycerin

Lorven Herbal Hand & Foot Care(Herbal Kit)

Soothen dried feet & Even Soften hard Skin

Lorven Herbal Hand & Foot Care(Herbal Kit) conatins-

♦ Scrub
♦ Oil
♦ Massage Cream
♦ Foot Cream
♦ Hand Cream


Lorven Herbal’s with its State of the art manufacturing facility and well qualified experienced technical workforce strive for wide range of Best quality Herbal Personal Care Products for Hotels and institutional sales. Our Personal Care products are highly appreciated by our institutional partners for its premium quality with its pleasant smell, product appeal and longer shelf life.

Some of our best selling Products in this segments are-


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